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About FANTASIA daycare center

Established in 1993, Fantasia Day Care opened its doors in the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn and have provided outstanding quality care for children in the community.

Our school is open weekdays from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM year-round. We offer classes for children aged 2-3 years, 3-4 years and our PKA program for 4-5 years. PKA program is FREE (6.5 hours) regardless of family income. We also provide Specialty Programs in music, dance, and art.

Our founding principle is the establishment of an outstanding day care center and preschool for New York City families, and to provide a safe place in which the multiple relationships between children, staff, and parents are recognized, respected, and encouraged.

Fantasia provides a nurturing and child-centered environment where a diverse group of students and teachers play, learn, and grow together.

Our beautiful and modern facilities are equipped with light, airy and air-conditioned classrooms, providing the perfect setting for children’s activities, along with encouraging an exciting bridge between children’s families and homes, and the much larger world beyond.

The large backyard playground is equipped with safety covered terrain and a dramatic and challenging climbing and play structure. Wheeled toys and Imagination Playground Blocks enhance the outdoor experience within the isolated and fenced playground area.

During the day children are served three homemade hot meals: breakfast, lunch, and supper. All of which are composed of 4 nutritional components.

Highlights of the school year include the semi-annual concerts for parents. Theses marvelous presentations demonstrate the talents and achievements of all our students, where parents are welcome to witness what their children have been taught. Another highlight is the PKA graduation at the end of the school year.

Our focus is on meeting each child’s developmental, social, emotional, intellectual, and educational needs. We provide developmentally appropriate programs that focus on the process of learning and help children enjoy successful experiences. At Fantasia DCC, classes are well-planned programs within a carefully designed environment that helps lay the foundation for future academic learning. Our curriculum is child and center based and provides hand on experience. Our philosophy is that young children perform better through experiential learning, which requires active thinking and experimenting in order to discover how things work, and thereby learning about the world we live in. The most important goal of our program is to help children become independent, self-confident, and inquisitive learners. We’re instilling them with good habits and attitudes, particularly a positive sense of themselves, which will make a difference throughout their lives, and prepare them for the transition into primary school.

Many of our graduates continue their schooling in Gifted and Talented programs throughout the New York City school system. Our caring and dedicated staff help provide the best education possible for every student in a loving and nurturing environment.